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Butter withdrawals…

I have ever thought of myself as much of a cook, or a baker.

I mean, I cook everyday but nothing spectacular, just your run of the mill toad in the hole, sausage and mash etc.

But then after Christmas I started housewifing properly again. And a decision was made that we would no longer buy snacks for the kids – I would make them instead. Nothing like a little bit of pressure to get the baking juices going!

And so, over the last few weeks I have turned my hand to quite a few different creations, each one (so far) has gone down pretty well with the tinies. 

And then this week, something went terribly wrong with the weekly shop, I miscalculated the need for butter and sugar, forgot the boy needed ingredients for food tech and also completely forgot to pick up normal sugar for Mr X’s coffee resulting in the need to fill the sugar pot with my remaining caster sugar. All in all, a complete disaster of a shop. 

So by Wednesday I had completely run out of sugar and butter. And somewhere deep down in side there must have been a secret baker trying to come out because I felt completely lost!! After my housework was done, and the tiniest tiny was having her nap, I sat in the front room with a cup of tea, rocking (slight exaggeration). All I could think of was cooking, I was having withdrawals!!

And so apparently, and without intention or me noticing, it would appear that I have become addicted to making food, as well as eating it. 

Epic (although I’m not sure the scales are going to agree…!)

Mrs X xoxo



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