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The Transformation…

Good evening!

A short and rather late post from me tonight for one simple reason, I decided that tonight was most definitely the right night for “Shave night”.

It was due, in fact it was really rather overdue, I don’t think I have attempted it for about 3 months (don’t judge me, it’s been winter!), being so ridiculously blonde that my eyebrows and lashes are basically see through means that I don’t notice my stubble until it has formed into a full-on Afro on my legs.  And so tonight I ventured into the bathroom – for some a place of peace and serenity, for me a torture chamber from which I tend to shout “mummy is peeing, give me two minutes” and other, just as frustrated sentences.

I entered the bathroom somewhat resembling a grizzly bear (hence the random pic), and to be honest have probably been using my soft downy fur in the same way as that young bear, for warmth and comfort through a long and cold winter.

“The Shave” actually took less time than I had anticipated, as it always does, I set aside about an hour and a half for what turns out to be a 20 minute job (it’s normally about an hour later that I realise I have missed a huge section from the back of my calves, by then it is too late – the moment has passed and there’s no going back). So I took the opportunity of extra time to indulge in a luxurious shower (for other parents, that’s one that lasts longer than three minutes and doesn’t consist of shouting instructions or an array of visitors who “just can’t hold it any longer”.

During my shower I managed to get shampoo in both my eyes, it stings like fuck and I can now understand why the kids whine when it happens to them, and no, holding your face under running water does nothing to ease it – we have been wrong all these years!

And so, I emerged from the bathroom this evening, freshly washed and shaved.

I went in resembling a grizzly bear, and came out looking like a sphynx cat with conjunctivitis. 

Beautiful. Oh well, at least it’s done for another 3 months!

Mrs X xoxo



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