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3rd times the charm…

3rd times the charm, first post from Mrs XSooooooo….

Welcome to my blog, and my first post, on this blog at least!

You see, I have had a blog before, not just one in fact, no siree Bob, but 2, making this darling new baby of mine my third. I would say definitely my last, but as you will see if you continue to read my crap, I am pretty good at saying things and then forgetting about them 2.5 minutes later, only to beat myself up over it for the next 14 years. And so I have learnt to not say these things, and just secretly think them in the hopes that something might click and I might start actually doing the shit that I set out to do.

So, why the three blogs you may ask, (or not, you may not give a monkeys and rightly so, ’tis a land of free will after all). But if you are even the teensiest bit interested I will explain.

My first blog was started over a year ago, and it was doing pretty damn well. I had posts scheduled up to my eyeballs and companies contacting me to review soap and shit (living the highlife!) but there was one huuuuuuge downside to it, and that was I couldn’t actually write what I wanted to write, because people knew who I was.  And so I was always very conscious that what I wrote had to be reader friendly, PC and (to be perfectly honest) that got as dull as shit. I don’t want to write about soap, I don’t want to write about weaning or poop in a “you should do it this way” kinda way, coz who the hell am I to tell you how to raise your kids?? I want to write what matters to me. It doesn’t have to matter to anyone else, I am not discouraging readers in any sense but I am taking ownership of my little part of the Internet!

“If you want to be a blogger you need to have a niche”. Bull.fucking.shit.

Why, why do I need a niche? Are my readers so one dimensional that they can only enjoy reading about one subject over and over again? I’d like to think they are a little more versatile than that. 

I got so sick of feeling like I “had” to write a certain thing in a certain way, and so one morning I woke up and deleted the whole fucking lot of it. My blog and social media were all closed down in the click of a button. It was scarily easy to delete almost a years worth of work, but it was huuuugely satisfying.

And so I moved on to blog number two, I lasted about 3 days before I realised I was still spouting the same shit just under a different name. 

And then I left it, for about 3 months, whilst I tried to decide what I wanted to do. Did I want to leave the blogosphere behind entirely?

Quite clearly from the writing on this page I decided that I didn’t. I want to blog. I love to write. It is therapeutic and good for the soul. But I needed it to be private, and secret, so I can say and do what I want. My guilty secret almost. My online journal or rant zone. And so here I am.

Blog number 3, come on down!



I write what I am and I am what I write... What???

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